Today, Cancer LOST

I hate cancer. HATE IT. Every single day I witness the brutality of that diagnosis.

But today, I feel like giving cancer a rude hand gesture and saying YOU LOSE!

People are showing me the strength and generosity that can happen as a result of cancer.

Sara Ferguson hosted a dinner party last weekend and told guest that they should bring something as a gift for our patients. We received monetary donations, fresh fruits, game books, lush blankets from Macy’s, Thirty one insulated bags, chocolates, knitting supplies, hats and gloves, notebooks and notepads.

Julie, a friend of a friend in Indianapolis, sent about 50 sets of matching bracelets and earrings.

Yesterday morning, Stephanie Mitchell, a Thirty One Director, brought me about a dozen of their signature bags with accessories. In the afternoon, Erica James, a second grade teacher at Chandler Elementary, dropped off some adorable colorings that her class had made.

Minutes ago a  patient handed me a large bag of game books, and a bag of pocket kleenexes.

“Blankets of Hope,” from our friend Bob, who has been unemployed since April.

And the grand finale was about $100 worth of fleece blankets from a man named Bob who has been unemployed since April. He calls them, “Blankets of Hope.”

HOPE lives on, and I am so very grateful!!!

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