This is what Sunshine looks like…

GSHS Sunshine Girls
Gibson Souther High School Sunshine Girls

The weather outside may be cold and snowy, but this weekend Chemo Buddies found a plethera of warmth and sunshine in Gibson County. The “Sunshine Girls,” at Gibson County High School held a tea where mothers and daughters came together for food, fellowship and charity. Led by sponsor Kelsey St. Ledger, these kind souls spent several hours making 100 fleece blankets and goody bags for our patients.

Sunshine Girls Kyndall, Angie and Kyleigh.
Sunshine Girls Kyndall, Angie and Kyleigh.

Former Sunshine Girl and Chemo Buddy Angie Bakel addressed the group speaking on her journey as a cancer survivor, and Director Jill Kincaid spoke on the history and goals of the Chemo Buddy program.

“We were absolutely blown away when we walked in and realized the mass of this project,” said Kincaid. “It may be a few hours for them on a Saturday morning, but this will keep our program going for months.”

The Sunshine Girls paid for the project by making individual donations instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with each other. “That alone speaks volumes about their character and leadership,” said Kincaid.

At the end of the day they completed 100 blankets and goody bags for cancer patients who will receive them on their first day of treatment.

Moms and daughters worked together to spread sunshine.
Moms and daughters worked together to spread sunshine.

“Cancer is an experience filled with fear,” said Kincaid, “when we can meet them there in one of their darkest hours and offer them these gifts and explain to them that other people are out there caring for them, rooting for them, and praying for them you can literally watch as their face changes from one of anxiety to appreciation. These girls may never fully realize the impact they have made here today, but their actions are going to affect hundreds of families in such a positive way… spreading a wealth of sunshine (pardon the pun) and giving these folks a virtual hug when they need it most.”

A life changing day of hope from the ladies of Gibson Southern High School. We applaud you and salute you. THANK YOU!