The Meaning of the Pink Daisy

People often ask me about the pink Gerber daisy in our logo. The truth is, I picked it because I have always loved them, and they make me smile. Recently I came across the meaning of the flower and it made me smile all over again! It seems this flower truly is the eptimome of Chemo Buddies!


Gerber daisies symbolize friendship and good luck. 

There are various meanings of the daisy flower in general, including innocence and purity.  The gerbera daisy has an added symbolism of cheerfulness and joy because of its large flowering head. Specifically, light pink gerbera daisies stand for admiration and sympathy, making them flowers often given as an act of friendship or as a get well present. The darker pink daisies are a symbol of gratitude and are often given as a token of thanks.

Perfect! Are you smiling yet?