Thank you for the Port Pillows!

A “Port Pillow” is a small pillow that covers your chemo port and protects it from the seatbelt when riding in a car. At Chemo Buddies, we feel it is an essential for all patients, and we constantly struggle to meet the demand…as it is a homemade item and people just don’t sew much anymore! So… we were beyond grateful when the members of LifeWay Church in Bremen, Kentucky sent us a big case full! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
(If you sew, please consider making a few of these, as we need about 10,000 a year!)


5 comments on “Thank you for the Port Pillows!
  1. Donna Mulcahy says:

    Are you still looking for port pillows? I just recently learned about them and would love to make some for you if you can find homes for them.
    Please let me know and I will get started right away
    Take care

  2. Arlene Vance says:

    I would like to donate about 50 port pillows. Please tell me where I should send them. I live in New Jersey. Thank you.

  3. Pamela Frederick says:

    Are you still in need of port pillows? I will be happy to contribute. Please let me know the specifics on where to send.

    Pam Frederick

  4. Barbara Tyynismaa says:

    I am interested in donating port pillows for the cause. Please send me the address.

  5. Lorraine says:

    I would like to donate port pillows. Please send me an address.

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