Do you have any special talent or skills that you can use to bless our chemo patients? One of the greatest surprises that we give our patients are practical things they can use right at the time they need it! Do you knit? How about making some cute caps for our bald patients? Do you bake? How about making a special treat to share. Sew? There are several projects you can help with.

But what if you aren't crafty? Look around! One friends' employer donated pudding and fruit cups. Another friend hosted a ladies tea for her friends as a fundraiser and bought an iPad. One couple held a car show as a fundraiser. How about a cookout or a garage sale to raise funds? We depend on community support to provide our program.

Examine your circumstances and see if there is something in your world that patients can benefit from. There is always a need! If in doubt, contact us, and we'll be glad to talk with you about it