Repaying Kindness with Kindness…

Good Morning: Students’ buddy bags for chemo patients elicits response from Mr. G

Anonymous benefactor gives $500 to West Terrace class

  • Posted November 29, 2012 at 7:18 p.m.

EVANSVILLE — It was a real life example of kindness being repaid with kindness, according to West Terrace Elementary School teacher Shelly DeWeese.

After settling in at my desk on Monday, I went downstairs to retrieve a package. Needless to say, I was curious what was inside the mysterious bag. I was pleased to find that Evansville’s anonymous benefactor of area charitable causes, who goes by the self-applied moniker Mr. G, had struck again.

He left a stack of books and an envelope containing $500 in crisp $20 bills. His handwritten note instructed the money be delivered to West Terrace Elementary for a shopping trip to create more goody bags for My Chemo Buddies, an organization launched in February made up of volunteers who serve cancer patients while they are receiving chemotherapy. Gift bags are delivered to the patients that contain items like pocket facial tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, a journal and game books.

West Terrace’s fifth grade classes designed bags and made a few items to go inside on Nov. 20. Now, thanks to Mr. G, they have the opportunity to do it again.

DeWeese couldn’t wait to tell her students.

“I was excited to share with them that the heart of someone in our community was touched by their actions,” she said. “That someone was reaching out to them to continue their work because it was such a good thing.”

She said the students “beamed” with excitement and the teachers had tears in their eyes seeing their reaction.

“They wanted to drop everything immediately to make more bags of hugs,” she said.

The plan for the gift, according to DeWeese, is to lessen the burden of purchasing items for goody bags for My Chemo Buddies founder, Jill Kincaid, and to produce more bags for her that include the school’s mementos — bead bookmarks and personalized cards.

Mr. G also gave West Terrace two copies of “The Dash” by Linda Ellis & Mac Anderson, and DeWeese said they plan to study the inspirational poem with students and relate it a book they’ve been focusing on, “The Leader in Me: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

Mr. G requested I read page 78 of “The Dash” about a story that talks about a “Good News” newspaper that publishes only “inspiring stories about people overcoming adversity and doing good things for others.” It ended by saying a person’s attitude influences lives around them everyday in positive or negative ways.

To me, it’s obvious Mr. G exudes an attitude toward others that radiates compassion for those in his community. He has been donating cash to organizations and people in the community since about 2004. He never leaves a return address and never signs his real name.

“Mr. G’s generosity helped our students realize how their actions truly impact other people,” DeWeese said. “Thank you, Mr. G, for making this experience even more meaningful for our students!”

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