Patients helping patients

Chemo Buddy Barb with Betty Boop who is a patient giving back to other patients.
Chemo Buddy Barb with a Darlene Shanks who is spending her down time making things to give to other patients.

There seems to be a new movement in the chemo room that has kind of blown our mind… Patients are now making and donating things for other patients!

We were recently surprised by patient Darlene Shanks who spends her time knitting hats and this throw to donate for her fellow patients!

One gentleman patient brings 4 dozen HOT Krispy Kreme donuts each time he comes. (I wish you could see the smiles that brings when patient’s realize they are still warm)

Another patient brings Boost and other beverages we don’t usually stock. Some bring Dorito’s and other salty snacks, and recently several patients have been bringing in those wonderful Cuties oranges.

Another patient discovered a certain hat that she loves and showed me a letter she wrote to Nike asking them to donate those caps to us for other patients.


People in chemo generally feel tired, weak, achey and sick… so if they can do it, we’ve got to ask ourselves, what can you do to make a difference today?