Eyewitness Love

Happy Snuggling fromt he Youth of St. Lucas.
Happy Snuggling fromt he Youth of St. Lucas.

It’s been an absolute lovefest here at chemo this week. Each day we’ve given away treat bags. We’ve had Valentines from Girl Scout Troop #180, Yankeetown Elementary, Gibson Southern Sunshine Girls, and West Terrace. Chemo Buddy Nancy made 250 heart shaped cookies to give away, and my mama, who used to make candy for Libs Candies, spent a week hand dipping all kinds of chocolate goodness for special treats.  Barb’s Kids Daycare in Princeton also sent along some treat bags.

We’ve seen all kinds of smiles and appreciation and it has been a true joy to work this week and witness our patients as they realize so many people out there are rooting for them. But today, I got one more surprise and it just about knocked me out emotionally.

Today I was presented with a dozen hand made blankets for our patients from, “The youth of St. Lucas.” These BEAUTIFUL blankets were made by elementary and middle school students through their mission called “Bunnies, Bears and Blankets.” The kids holds fundraisers to raise money and then shop for the material themselves, and design and make the blankets. The high school kids help and oversee the project.

Each blanket comes with a tag that reads, “We pick out material, design and make blankets. It is our HOPE the blankets provide warmth and comfort. Happy Snuggling.”

I stood for a moment almost paralyzed when I received them. The movie version of these kids doing this was running through my mind. I was (and am) so moved! It felt like such a Holy moment to me. And I had this overwhelming sensation that God himself was smiling and so delighted with both the kids and the patients who are going to receive these. For me personally, it was such a restorative moment.

You see, I have witnessed darkness in the chemo room. I’ve listened to so many heart breaking stories. Cancer is a beast that leaves everyone in its wake with fear and worry and sometimes death. But today there is no room for that darkness. Today the season of love has so permeated this room so much that only light and goodness remain.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome  it.” John 1:4-5