Children and Cancer :(

Lane Goodwin.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, that name doesn’t really require an explanation. It is amazing to me how our one local boy has riveted the world to the issue of childhood cancer through the “Thumbs up for Lane,” campaign.

I just learned that Tri-State children diagnosed with cancer have zero options for local treatment. They have to travel to Riley’s or to St. Jude for treatment. I can’t imagine how hard that must be on the family as well as the patient.

So when I heard that Dr. Titzer (an adult oncologist at OHA) is leading the charge to establish a support group for these families, I was sold. I’ve seen first hand what a difference a support group makes in fighting cancer, and I can tell you YES it is needed.

A cancer diagnosis is always devastating, multiply that times about a million when the patient is a child. The average age of diagnosis is six years old. Imagine what a difference it could make to have someone else in town on speed dial who has gone before you and knows the in’s and outs of your experience because they’ve gone through it.

Someone to tell you that what you are feeling is normal.

Someone to tell you that they survived, and you will too.

Someone to tell you that you are not alone.

Someone to tell you that there is hope. Always, hope.

Or perhaps even someone to talk to that is in the exact place that you are now that you can journey with together.

There is power in numbers, and in my opinion, this local support group is going to be a critical part of the healing process for everyone in the family.

Chemo Buddies is not affiliated with this group, but we sure do support them. In the world of cancer, we have to stick together. Will you consider joining our Team at their first event?

Inaugural Evansville CureSearch Walk

Saturday October 20 at Garvin Park

Registration at 9, Opening Ceremony and Walk at 10 am

Register OR make a donation at

You can also pick up registration at OHA as well as the above website.

For more information contact or call Zach at 301-275-1705 or Dr. Titzer at (812)471-1200.

Thank you!