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Merry Christmas

Mrs. Dugger’s Class (and all of us here at Chemo Buddies) would like to wish everyone in chemotherapy a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! IMG_0444 <<< Hey Click on IMG 044 to watch video of kids! and here are some

Happy Easter from St. Lucas UCC Kids

Today we received even more love from the youth group at St. Lucas UCC… this time in the form of Easter Candy and 50 little vases with Daisies in them. While we appreciate every donation we get, it really does

Girl Scouts and Brownies make Port Pillows for patients

THANK YOU to Girl Scout Troop 484 for asking customers to buy cookies for our patients AND for making 60 port pillows! Their craftsmanship was amazing and they did it all themselves! Pretty impressive for 5 and 6 year olds.

We love our youth ambassadors!

Spring break means Nolan came to visit Chemo Buddies today to help make up Goody Bags! Thanks Nolan!

Oak Hill Elementary School is changing the world!

CONGRATS to our Youth Ambassadors at Oak Hill School . They raised an amazing $1317.76 for Chemo Buddies with their “Change the World,” campaign. (Students donated their extra change.) The jars they made are available for YOU to use if

Even kindergarteners can make a difference!

Kindergarteners pitch in for Chemo patients! Our thanks to Mrs. Wolfe’s class at Sharon Elementary in Newburgh who designed some special bags for us and even collected some of the items that go in them!

Gibson Southern Sunshine Girls shine the light for Chemo Buddies!

It’s a blanket making party at Gibson Southern High School! Our deepest thanks to all of the Sunshine Girls and their moms who gathered to make 100 blankets for our patients for the second year in a row. Chemo Buddies

Oak Hill 5th graders or Picasso?

Cups of love from our Picasso’s at Oak Hill 5th Grade… they are sure to bring some smiles! Thank you to Miss Sinclair and the students!

Meet our magnificent benefactor :)

Saints come in all sizes and all ages! Meet Lane Gabbard, for his 9th birthday he asked that INSTEAD of presents, people give him supplies for Chemo Buddies! What an incredible boy!

Oakland City Oaks 4H club make blankets

It takes a village! THANK YOU to Gerna Butts and the Oakland City Oaks 4H Club for making these 4 blankets for our patients!

Castle Community 4H Club

Look who made a special delivery… The dynamic duo! These precious faces represent the Castle Community 4H Club, and delivered 20 of some of the most gorgeous goody bags we’ve ever seen. THANK YOU 4H!

Mommy and Me Missions

It’s never too early to teach young ones to pray and to give! Our thanks to the Mommy and Me Missions group at Crossroads for praying for our patients and for making these wonderful Goody Bags!

Merry Christmas from Evansville Day School!

We were blessed in a BIG way this week by the students of Evansville Day School, primary grades. Santa’s little helpers worked hard on making about 35 double sided blankets, and decorating and stuffing about 90 goody bags for our

Which is cuter, the scouts or the blankets?

Which is cuter, the scouts or the blankets? It’s a toss up! Thank you to Cub Scout Pack #374 at St. Paul’s UCC for making these adorable blankets for our patients!

Henderson students make scarves for Chemo Buddies

When we began Chemo Buddies a year and a half ago, we never dreamed that our biggest donors would be children. Their efforts to help not only empower them to make a difference, but also melts our hearts! WE students! These

Pike Central makes change!

What do you get when you combine mason jars with two dedicated teachers and a school full of students who want to make a positive difference? A wildly successful fundraiser! SADD sponsors Chris Hadley and Haylea Harden shared the Chemo

Student Ambassadors of Hope from Henderson

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 14, 2013 South Middle School PASS Students Help with “Chemo Buddies”  (Henderson, KY)– Students in the Positive Approach for Student Success (PASS) program sponsored at South Middle School became inspired to help those in need

They put the FUN in Fundraising!

These adorable munchkins from Francisco Elementary School raised $510 for Chemo Buddies this week! Students paid $4 each for the privilege to dress up in fun ways each day. Teachers paid $20, and together they giggled and pranced and helped

Meet the Chemo Buddy Milkman…

Not many people would be craving ice cream at 9 o’clock in the morning, but when you are a chemo patient with a fickle tummy, ice cream can be the perfect breakfast. As it turns out, ice cream is VERY

Eyewitness Love

It’s been an absolute lovefest here at chemo this week. Each day we’ve given away treat bags. We’ve had Valentines from Girl Scout Troop #180, Yankeetown Elementary, Gibson Southern Sunshine Girls, and West Terrace. Chemo Buddy Nancy made 250 heart

With Love from Jr. Troop #180

A big THANK YOU to Junior Girl Scouts Troop #180 who decorated Valentines Day bags for our patients. The bags are almost as adorable as these girls!  

This is what Sunshine looks like…

The weather outside may be cold and snowy, but this weekend Chemo Buddies found a plethera of warmth and sunshine in Gibson County. The “Sunshine Girls,” at Gibson County High School held a tea where mothers and daughters came together

Our first year…

Editors Note: As the Chemo Buddies program celebrates their first anniversary working at OHA, the only thing Founder Jill Kincaid wanted to do was share the excitement with her sister Karen, who inspired the program. Because Karen is in heaven