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Honeybaked Ham provides free lunches for patients!

THANK YOU to Honeybaked Ham for providing a free box lunch to our patients every month! Please stop by and tell them thank you!

We all need a little hope!

We all need HOPE! Our thanks to Susan Hallahan and her niece at Naked Mama’s who custom made this organic moisturizer for our patients in memory of their sister/mother.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Chemo Buddies!

UPDATE: JUNE 23, 2014….. WE WON!!!!! Thanks to your daily votes on the website, and Kelly’s nomination, Chemo Buddies was selected as the grand prize winner of $10,000!!!!!!!!! Chemo Buddies was nominated for a grant from Wella Hair Products for

Support Chemo Buddies and give some hope at the same time with our new custom made tees!

We are very excited to introduce our new tshirt designed by Chemo Buddy Nancy Holderread. Our hope tee is available in many colors, but most importantly, EVERY ribbon color. You can also personalize the backside with a team name or saying of

Our Deepest thanks to the Pie Pan Restaurant

Our heartfelt thanks to the Pie Pan restaurant for providing lunches for our patients once a month for the past two and a half years. It makes a tremendous difference because they wouldn’t have lunch otherwise! Pie Pan is located

Happy Birthday Twins!

“It’s our birthday and we want to be famous!” Meet the dynamic duo of Margie and Margaret, twins that turned 88 today, celebrating in the treatment room. Chemo Buddies were able to sing to them, and offer them ice cream

Silk Scarves for patients!

THANK YOU to artist Evi Slaby and everyone who came out and painted these luxurious silk scarves for our patients! Evi has donated over 170 scarves in the past year!

Introducing Ouch Pouches!

It’s experiment time! If you have had lymph nodes removed from your armpit, or a breast removed and it is painful for you to put your arm down to your side, we are looking for someone to test these out…

Orange you glad you’re not a banana?

It’s the orange man! Every week when Brian comes to visit someone in chemo, he brings along fresh oranges and bananas for the patients! Thank you Brian for caring so much about those around you

Gibson Southern Sunshine Girls shine the light for Chemo Buddies!

It’s a blanket making party at Gibson Southern High School! Our deepest thanks to all of the Sunshine Girls and their moms who gathered to make 100 blankets for our patients for the second year in a row. Chemo Buddies

Oak Hill 5th graders or Picasso?

Cups of love from our Picasso’s at Oak Hill 5th Grade… they are sure to bring some smiles! Thank you to Miss Sinclair and the students!

A family affair

A family affair! Chemo Buddy Candy along with her daughter and her mother have been working hard on blankets for our patients! Even husband Donny chipped in. Thank you Moser family!

Meet our magnificent benefactor :)

Saints come in all sizes and all ages! Meet Lane Gabbard, for his 9th birthday he asked that INSTEAD of presents, people give him supplies for Chemo Buddies! What an incredible boy!

Oakland City Oaks 4H club make blankets

It takes a village! THANK YOU to Gerna Butts and the Oakland City Oaks 4H Club for making these 4 blankets for our patients!

Fighting “metal mouth”

Hard candies are the best weapon against the “metal mouth” that some people get while receiving chemo, and we were thrilled today to get a box of love (4 bags!) from Barbara Crump all the way from Tennyson, Indiana. Thank

Chemo Buddy blankets!

Blessed and impressed! It never ceases to amaze us at all the talented volunteers we meet! Our thanks to Sue DeGraffenreid for embroidering our logo on blankets before we give them to our patients.

Where do are goody bags come from?

Ever wonder where our goodies bags originated? The first ones came from the ladies of Salem UMC… they were so helpful that we immediately adopted the idea and now we make them too. Last night the ladies at Salem continued

First day of chemo

Our friend Joe has been on quite a journey and is happy to finally get started in chemo. He is also very grateful for his snuggly blanket from St. Lucas UCC and his goody bag from New Horizon’s, Good luck

Bald Head Beauty!

Brrrr….. bald heads sure can get cold! Today we send an especially big THANK YOU to our knitting buddy Donna Ward. Donna consistently provides these beautiful hats with special touches for patients. God bless you Donna!

Castle Community 4H Club

Look who made a special delivery… The dynamic duo! These precious faces represent the Castle Community 4H Club, and delivered 20 of some of the most gorgeous goody bags we’ve ever seen. THANK YOU 4H!

Ahhhhhh….. thank you Sherry Walker!

Our friend and massage therapist Sherry Walker from Bodyworks volunteering to do foot massages in the treatment room.  

Which is cuter, the scouts or the blankets?

Which is cuter, the scouts or the blankets? It’s a toss up! Thank you to Cub Scout Pack #374 at St. Paul’s UCC for making these adorable blankets for our patients!

Thank you Farm Credit!

Thank you to our friends at Farm Credit Mid America for a wonderful Christmas present to our patients! Santa’s helpers brought all kinds of goodies including cheese and crackers, game books, and pudding! Thank you Teresa Kruse and Farm Credit!

Christmas Hats!

Chemo patients who have lost their hair have a fun new accessory this Christmas! A BIG thank you to our friend Donna Ward for making hats for us every month, and for making these FUN hats for the holidays!

Thank you Harrison Business College!

Harrison College Health Science Club LOVES Chemo Buddies! — with Betty Rogers Gresham,Cathy Grose-Davidson and Megan LaMar. Thank you for making these cute blankets for our patients!