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A family affair

A family affair! Chemo Buddy Candy along with her daughter and her mother have been working hard on blankets for our patients! Even husband Donny chipped in. Thank you Moser family!

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Chemo Buddy blankets!

Blessed and impressed! It never ceases to amaze us at all the talented volunteers we meet! Our thanks to Sue DeGraffenreid for embroidering our logo on blankets before we give them to our patients.

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  Grateful and amazed to EVERYONE who has been a part of Chemo Buddies this past year. The numbers are in, and in 2013, Chemo Buddies provided $267,168.64 in free labor, goody bags and blankets and free meals for our

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Don Mattingly visits Chemo patients with Chemo Buddies!

Superstar Donnie Baseball a.k.a Don Mattingly visited with chemo patients yesterday at OHA and the Chancellor Center. Mattingly spent time with every patient and made everyone’s day just a little brighter! THANKS DON! For the entire photo gallery, go to

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New Chemo Buddy Video!

There’s a new video about Chemo Buddies! Click here to view THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible!  

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Patients helping patients, part 2!

This is our friend Pat Crocker. She liked her goody bag so much that she decided to make some with her own special talent, Quilling, for other patients. She meticulously rolls up tiny little pieces of paper and glues them

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No more chemo!

Woohoo! Last day of Chemo for our friend Linda! She asked us to take this picture together with Chemo Buddy Mike and LaVonne because it is a bittersweet day for her to be leaving her Chemo Buddies behind. We will

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This is what Sunshine looks like…

The weather outside may be cold and snowy, but this weekend Chemo Buddies found a plethera of warmth and sunshine in Gibson County. The “Sunshine Girls,” at Gibson County High School held a tea where mothers and daughters came together

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Cancer Free!

Today we celebrate with our friend Tanya the great news that she is cancer free! Yahoooo! It is our honor as Chemo Buddies to be able to walk this journey with people, and our absolute JOY when the last scan

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Want to get involved?

New Year brings Phase 2! If you’d like to learn more about Chemo Buddies or become involved in some way, check out our latest newsletter! We can’t wait for 2013! Click here to read our NEWSLETTER  

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A Season of Giving

Yesterday we were thrilled to learn that two different families were making blankets for our patients as a family Christmas project. What a wonderful gesture and life lesson. THANK YOU so much to the Jacobi and Moser families!!!

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Chemo Buddy Tom adds musical flair to patient mornings

This is our friend Tom Groves…our first music buddy! Tom will be greeting patients with Christmas music every Monday Wednesday and Friday morning as they come in for chemo. Merry Christmas!  

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Patient donates proceeds from his fundraiser to Chemo Buddies

Lee Houston went through a wide range of emotions when he was diagnosed with cancer, and when he began chemotherapy his eyes were opened to a whole new world. “It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you so many

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West Terrace Ambassadors of Hope!

We are so proud of our newest Chemo Buddies! Photographs by MOLLY BARTELS / COURIER & PRESS West Terrace Elementary fifth graders Jack Montgomery, 10, left, Mason Culver, 12, center, and Dylan Early, 11, right, have fun Tuesday while

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Supporting Cancer Patients

I love surprise gifts. LOVE them. Love surprising others and love being surprised. There is a long standing joke in my family about how no one gets their Christmas presents on Christmas Day because I can’t stand to wait to

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This little piggy went to chemo…

I am so giggly and excited right now I don’t even know where to begin this story, so I’ll just blurt it out. Tuesday morning chemo patients are now getting foot massages!  How awesome is that?  A few weeks ago

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Cancer doesn’t take the day off

by Jill Kincaid I had a list of reasons of why we should cancel our cookout on Saturday, but the primary one was the heat – 105 degrees – not exactly grilling out weather. Someone reminded me, “Cancer doesn’t take

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Cancer Warrior: The face of hope

by Jill Kincaid Today I’m here to tell you a story about Paul, a man who contacted me recently about becoming a Chemo Buddy volunteer. He was anxious to get started and didn’t want to wait until our next official training session.

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