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A personal note from Jill

This week marks 3 years since we got the first “Yes,” from a facility that would allow us to serve as Chemo Buddies in the treatment room. I’ve spent some quality time this week being grateful and sentimental and I’d


A BIG BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! When William Funk showed up for chemo on his birthday, he was surprised by his daughter and son in law who flew in from Germany and surprised him in the chemo room! How awesome is that?

A Mother’s Grieving heart

Today we wanted to share with you the words of Kay Warren, who lost her son last year. As the one-year anniversary of Matthew’s death approaches, I have been shocked by some subtle and not-so-subtle comments indicating that perhaps I

YES, you can!

What the big drug companies don’t want you to know… and other malarkey

Normally, I try to be very positive, but please bear with me today because this is a full blown rant. “BROCCOLI CURES CANCER!” When I saw this online today I wanted to physically reach through my computer and slap the

Grieving for Karen

Thursday, July 25th is the Deathaversary for my sister Karen, who is the inspiration behind Chemo Buddies. She died two years ago from Triple Negative Breast Cancer and frankly, I’m still not over it. The past two years have been


We felt this blog by Rick Warren was worth sharing… Hope Returns When We Remember God’s Unfailing Love  by Rick Warren “Yet hope returns when I remember this one thing: The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as

Acts of the Heart

Most people picture “community service,” as people in orange vests along the highway picking up trash. These people are not there voluntarily, but working off a punishment for a crime that did not merit incarceration. There are also some do-gooders

Patients helping patients

There seems to be a new movement in the chemo room that has kind of blown our mind… Patients are now making and donating things for other patients! We were recently surprised by patient Darlene Shanks who spends her time

Until we meet again Miss Katie

This is our beautiful friend Katie Schwenk. She valiantly fought ovarian cancer for over 18 years, but never let her illness define her. Katie is known far and wide for her kind heart and ability to make everyone feel special,

Meet the Chemo Buddy Milkman…

Not many people would be craving ice cream at 9 o’clock in the morning, but when you are a chemo patient with a fickle tummy, ice cream can be the perfect breakfast. As it turns out, ice cream is VERY

Eyewitness Love

It’s been an absolute lovefest here at chemo this week. Each day we’ve given away treat bags. We’ve had Valentines from Girl Scout Troop #180, Yankeetown Elementary, Gibson Southern Sunshine Girls, and West Terrace. Chemo Buddy Nancy made 250 heart

This is what Sunshine looks like…

The weather outside may be cold and snowy, but this weekend Chemo Buddies found a plethera of warmth and sunshine in Gibson County. The “Sunshine Girls,” at Gibson County High School held a tea where mothers and daughters came together

Cancer Free!

Today we celebrate with our friend Tanya the great news that she is cancer free! Yahoooo! It is our honor as Chemo Buddies to be able to walk this journey with people, and our absolute JOY when the last scan

Our first year…

Editors Note: As the Chemo Buddies program celebrates their first anniversary working at OHA, the only thing Founder Jill Kincaid wanted to do was share the excitement with her sister Karen, who inspired the program. Because Karen is in heaven

The Meaning of the Pink Daisy

People often ask me about the pink Gerber daisy in our logo. The truth is, I picked it because I have always loved them, and they make me smile. Recently I came across the meaning of the flower and it

Today, Cancer LOST

I hate cancer. HATE IT. Every single day I witness the brutality of that diagnosis. But today, I feel like giving cancer a rude hand gesture and saying YOU LOSE! People are showing me the strength and generosity that can

Want to get involved?

New Year brings Phase 2! If you’d like to learn more about Chemo Buddies or become involved in some way, check out our latest newsletter! We can’t wait for 2013! Click here to read our NEWSLETTER  

Patient donates proceeds from his fundraiser to Chemo Buddies

Lee Houston went through a wide range of emotions when he was diagnosed with cancer, and when he began chemotherapy his eyes were opened to a whole new world. “It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you so many

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month, and we are reposting this wonderful blog written by Merideth, the daughter of Ann and Randy Moore. Boobs get all the love  Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly of all cancers.  It isn’t the most

Supporting Cancer Patients

I love surprise gifts. LOVE them. Love surprising others and love being surprised. There is a long standing joke in my family about how no one gets their Christmas presents on Christmas Day because I can’t stand to wait to

Children and Cancer :(

Lane Goodwin. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, that name doesn’t really require an explanation. It is amazing to me how our one local boy has riveted the world to the issue of childhood cancer through the “Thumbs up