Author: Jill Kincaid

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Merry Christmas

Mrs. Dugger’s Class (and all of us here at Chemo Buddies) would like to wish everyone in chemotherapy a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! IMG_0444 <<< Hey Click on IMG 044 to watch video of kids! and here are some

A personal note from Jill

This week marks 3 years since we got the first “Yes,” from a facility that would allow us to serve as Chemo Buddies in the treatment room. I’ve spent some quality time this week being grateful and sentimental and I’d

Looking for the Audio Blessing?

Hey, if you are looking for the daily audio blessings from Blessing Your Spirit, we’ve given them their very own page! Click here! They are numbered and correspond to each day in September.

WJLT says goodbye and raises money for Chemo Buddies

July 8, 2014 – What an incredible day at the Merry Go Round with our friends from WJLT! THANK YOU to all of our friends who came together to support Chemo Buddies, and especially Johnny Kincaid, a world class guy who

Honeybaked Ham provides free lunches for patients!

THANK YOU to Honeybaked Ham for providing a free box lunch to our patients every month! Please stop by and tell them thank you!

Shop for a cause on August 23 to benefit Chemo Buddies!

Chemo Buddies is participating in the Macy’s Shop for a Cause on August 23. Here is how it works, You buy the coupon for $5, and Chemo Buddies gets the money, while you get 25% off all of your purchases

We all need a little hope!

We all need HOPE! Our thanks to Susan Hallahan and her niece at Naked Mama’s who custom made this organic moisturizer for our patients in memory of their sister/mother.

NJHS Class of 2014 Named as Youth Ambassadors of the Year!

As the school year comes to a close, we pause to celebrate all that the students have contributed to Chemo Buddies this year, and we’d like to extend a special THANK YOU and acknowledgement to the 8th grade students of

There is such a thing as a free lunch!

Our beautiful patient Mende Tedrow and her mom Paula surprised Chemo Buddy Mike this morning with 3 big trays of her homemade lasagna! “You guys are so nice and do so much I just wanted to do something nice for

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Chemo Buddies!

UPDATE: JUNE 23, 2014….. WE WON!!!!! Thanks to your daily votes on the website, and Kelly’s nomination, Chemo Buddies was selected as the grand prize winner of $10,000!!!!!!!!! Chemo Buddies was nominated for a grant from Wella Hair Products for

Support Chemo Buddies and give some hope at the same time with our new custom made tees!

We are very excited to introduce our new tshirt designed by Chemo Buddy Nancy Holderread. Our hope tee is available in many colors, but most importantly, EVERY ribbon color. You can also personalize the backside with a team name or saying of

Happy Easter from St. Lucas UCC Kids

Today we received even more love from the youth group at St. Lucas UCC… this time in the form of Easter Candy and 50 little vases with Daisies in them. While we appreciate every donation we get, it really does

Girl Scouts and Brownies make Port Pillows for patients

THANK YOU to Girl Scout Troop 484 for asking customers to buy cookies for our patients AND for making 60 port pillows! Their craftsmanship was amazing and they did it all themselves! Pretty impressive for 5 and 6 year olds.

First Cruise-In is big success!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support Chemo Buddies Saturday for our first Car Show Fundraiser. Thanks to you we were able to raise $4500! That is HUGE in our world as we don’t receive any grants or

Our Deepest thanks to the Pie Pan Restaurant

Our heartfelt thanks to the Pie Pan restaurant for providing lunches for our patients once a month for the past two and a half years. It makes a tremendous difference because they wouldn’t have lunch otherwise! Pie Pan is located


A BIG BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! When William Funk showed up for chemo on his birthday, he was surprised by his daughter and son in law who flew in from Germany and surprised him in the chemo room! How awesome is that?

We love our youth ambassadors!

Spring break means Nolan came to visit Chemo Buddies today to help make up Goody Bags! Thanks Nolan!

Oak Hill Elementary School is changing the world!

CONGRATS to our Youth Ambassadors at Oak Hill School . They raised an amazing $1317.76 for Chemo Buddies with their “Change the World,” campaign. (Students donated their extra change.) The jars they made are available for YOU to use if

Happy Birthday Twins!

“It’s our birthday and we want to be famous!” Meet the dynamic duo of Margie and Margaret, twins that turned 88 today, celebrating in the treatment room. Chemo Buddies were able to sing to them, and offer them ice cream

Silk Scarves for patients!

THANK YOU to artist Evi Slaby and everyone who came out and painted these luxurious silk scarves for our patients! Evi has donated over 170 scarves in the past year!

A Mother’s Grieving heart

Today we wanted to share with you the words of Kay Warren, who lost her son last year. As the one-year anniversary of Matthew’s death approaches, I have been shocked by some subtle and not-so-subtle comments indicating that perhaps I

Introducing Ouch Pouches!

It’s experiment time! If you have had lymph nodes removed from your armpit, or a breast removed and it is painful for you to put your arm down to your side, we are looking for someone to test these out…