This little piggy went to chemo…

I am so giggly and excited right now I don’t even know where to begin this story, so I’ll just blurt it out. Tuesday morning chemo patients are now getting foot massages! 

How awesome is that? 

A few weeks ago I went in for a massage and a new gal named Jan did the honors. As I relaxed and we talked, I told her about Chemo Buddies. She immediately asked if she would be able to volunteer to come in on her day off and give the patients free massages. Patients sit in recliners and have IV’s in various places so that the only body part really available for massage is the feet. In this case, that is actually an advantage!

Those who practice reflexology theorize that every part of the foot is connected to organs and other parts of the body, and that massaging the feet can release the toxins from other parts of the body from massaging or stimulating the corresponding pressure point.

You may or may not believe that, but one thing is absolutely indisputable – massage feels good! And that promotes relaxation and stress relief. What could be better for a chemo patient on treatment day? 

Jan’s first patient massage happened to be on a woman that was getting her very first chemo. First chemo is the scariest! What a lovely way to take the edge off and start her day! Several patients were hesitant at first, but the ooohs and ahhs circulating around the room quickly won them over. It was amazing. 

After one day in the treatment room, Jan is now officially the most popular Chemo Buddy of all time! Oh Jan, we are so indebted to you! What a wonderful way to give back and bless others with your time and talents. 

This of course leads me to ask the inevitable question of you… do you have a talent or resource that you could donate to support our patients? Is there something or someone in your circle of influence that can make a difference? 

One friend knits hats for our bald patients, one friend held a ladies tea as a fundraiser, and still another friend asked her employer to donate fruit cups so patients could have a healthy snack. Chemo Buddies is a small organization, so every single donation makes a difference. 

You can read more about how to lend your support on our webpage under the “support” tab above.

And as much as I love Jan for this new service, I must also give a shout out of recognition to all the volunteers who selflessly donate their time every single week to serve our friends in the treatment room. THANK YOU… you are loved, and you are appreciated! 

xo xo xo
Jill 🙂

Jill Kincaid is the founder of Chemo Buddies. Chemo Buddies is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that is made possible through private donations by people like you. 
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